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  • festival gatronomico 2016

1,2,8 and 9 July 2016

A toast to the delights of Buzios!

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Sun, beach, partying and good food.Buzios - one of the most charming resorts in the country - has culinary talent.The question was how to make available the best of Rio state's interior cooking.And this was possible with the Gastronomic Festival of Buzios happens during two consecutive weekends, and in 2016 will be held on 1, 2, 8 and 9 July.Discover the festival themed "gourmet cuisine"

The format is unique in Brazil and simple: restaurants place literally on the street, tables in front of their establishments: the Orla Bardot, at Rua das Pedras, Rua Manoel Toribio de Farias, downtown in Domme space and Harbour Barra in Manguinhos.In addition to the whim in choosing the menu and in the preparation of dishes, table decoration is a chapter of that enchants guests.

However, each Chef figure is usually in the kitchen wings, in the festival is serving customers at the table and explaining the ingredients for preparing the chosen plate to be sampled.

The festival promotes the chance of people taste different flavors that have never experienced.It is a huge variety of dishes, flavors, textures, all in a democratic way, because it is served on the street, there is no payment for entry.Just get.

TIME: From 20 to 24 hours
Armação dos Búzios - RJ

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