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Know Búzios

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Cosmopolitan Village
Pirate's ancient refuge
A place of exuberant nature
A place your dreams come true
Cristal water beaches, blue sky and native forests
Coast of exquisite beauty that rises the meaning of human nature
In Búzios, creation shows itself in the shape of inspiration
Beautiful smiles from beautiful walking people passing by
Wild nightlife, lazy mornings and a special touch of charm

  • Fotos de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
  • Fotos de Búzios - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

About Buzios.

Anniversary of Buzios: November 12.

Established: November 12, 1995.

Who is born in Buzios is Buziano.

Area: 69.287 km ² | Population: 28,653 inhabitants. est. IBGE/2009 | Density: 344.6 inhab. / Km ² | Altitude: 5 m | Climate: Tropical | Time zone: UTC-3

Armação dos Búzios or Búzios only, as is widely known, is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro located in the Lakes Region. It borders the west to Cabo Frio, a municipality which became autonomous in 1995. It is located about 165 km from state capital.
It is a peninsula eight miles long and 23 beaches, getting from one part of Ecuador ocean currents and other ocean currents from the south pole, which means it has both beaches and warm waters of the icy waters. The main beaches, the highlights are John Fernandes, Horseshoe, Ferradurinha, Frame, Manguinhos Geribá, Turtle, Bones, Tucuns, Brava and Ox-Eye, the latter reserved for the practice nudist.
The tourism activities and real estate occupation of the site began after the international fame due to Buzios by French actress Brigitte Bardot, who visited in 1964. Today, the city is visited by tourists around the world.

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"Eu tenho uma espécie de dever, de dever de sonhar
de sonhar sempre,
pois sendo mais do que uma espectadora de mim mesma,
Eu tenho que ter o melhor espetáculo que posso,
E assim me construo a ouro e sedas,
em salas supostas, invento palco, cenário para viver o meu sonho entre
luzes brandas
e músicas invisíveis."

Do livro do "Desassossego"
Fernando Pessoa