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Area Attractions

  1. Pousada Águas Claras

    Pousada Águas Claras - Búzios - Brasil
    Estrada da Usina - Centro, Búzios, RJ, Brasil
    (55 22) 2623-0115 / 0116 / 0117
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  2. Pátio Havana

    Opened in 1998, designed by architect Hélio Pellegrino fine and decorative touches of the prestigious Sig Bergamin, Patio Havana is strategically located on Rua das Pedras with a stunning view of the sea. His contemporary cuisine meets a public international demanding and eclectic. The new menu has priority as the seafood and offers both an excellent variety of argentine meat, pastas, pizzas and snacks. The Patio Havana was structured with a qualified professional staff as well as equipment needed to produce private and corporate events with extreme efficiency, charm and sophistication. It has 5 integrated environments - some of them overlooking the sea - including very complete wine cellar. Concerts are presented throughout the year.
  3. Chez Michou Creperie

    Av. José B. R. Dantas, 90. Centro CEP.: 28.950-000 - Armação dos Búzios - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
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    Crepes, delicious drinks and ice cream. Team attendants lively and fun. Call people by name in the megaphone. Ring a bell when tipped! Parties disclose the microphone. DJ disposal. Call American style, the counter with cash payment.
  4. Restaurante Banana Land

    Rua Manoel Turíbio Farias, 50, Centro Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000
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    The journey begins by exotic flavors in salads, passes through the aromatic hot Asian-inspired desserts and ends in - the highlight is the fruit crepe with sauce and passion fruit liqueur. This restaurant is always a highlight on the culinary festival of Buzios.
  5. Restaurante Buzin

    Rua Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 273 Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000
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    The restaurant was opened in 2001 and since then is part of the Buzios' scene. Very varied menu with an emphasis on Argentine beef. Modern architecture and funky. Excellent choice for the beach or out to dinner with friends at night.
  6. Salsa Tempero e Arte

    José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 94
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    A good kilo retaurant with a good food, and a good ambient ..... It's exactly the case of this delightful restaurant "Salsa" as it is known in the city. The owner called Lalinha and is a chef who knows please even the most discerning palates. The menu always includes a type of meat, fish and chicken (if you're lucky, depending on the day it is, you can also eat a delicious lobster!) Several types of salads, vegetables and integral part of the options menu. Best of all is that the kitchen is open, the food at the counter so if you have a special request just ask the chefs who have super gentle happy to help!!
  7. brewery Noi

    Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 110
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    A craft beer to please the most discerning palates. NOI Bionda. Pilsen NOI Bionda Oro. Pilsen Premium NOI Bianca. Weiss NOI Rossa. Irish Red Ale NOI Avena. Belgian Pale Ale NOI Nera. Schwarzbier NOI Amara. Imperial Indian Pale Ale NOI Cioccolato. Russian Imperial Stout
  8. Parvati

    Since 1987 Trattoria Pizzeria and Parvati brings Búzios the true flavor of Italy. With its wood-burning oven and its genuine Italian products, is located in the famous Rua das pedras. The most charming streets of Brazil.
  9. Cigalon

    Cigalon The restaurant owes its name to a character of French literature, the creation of writer and member of the French Academy of Letters, Marcel Pagnol. His book is a comedy that was soon made into a film by French actors in the year 1936 and tells the story of a French chef who for 35 years worked in the best restaurants in Paris, contributing to the cooking wealth of his country. When he retired, looking for a quiet place and wonderful in Provence, a region of great natural beauty, he decided to open a restaurant that takes its name: Cigalon. This character, which is full of charm and with great culinary expertise, jealous of their pots and meticulous in choosing the ingredients that soon will become delicacies, became worthy of our admiration and respect. That's why with the great pleasure of cooking and tasting our food gourmand, humbly surrender homage to the author, the character and the French cuisine.
  10. Estancia Don Juan

    Enjoy a special evening with the finest wines and imported meats.
  11. Restaurante David

    Rua Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 260
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    David is one of the most traditional restaurants of Buzios. The specialties are seafood and steak matured. With a simple and familiar aspect, the restaurant David is excellent for those who want to eat in abundance after a day on the beautiful beaches of Buzios. Try the seafood board, the bobó and shrimp stew. They are fantastic!
  12. Lorenzo

    Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 40
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    Italian gastronomy. Cozy and unmissable flavors.
  13. Buddha bar Búzios

    Opened in the summer of 2012, the house is quite spacious and located at Orla Bardot. Bears the signature of the architect Octavio Raja Gabaglia with rustic decor of the French architect Frédéric Donzelli. The environment is surrounded by greenery and at the back, climate prevails east - Cascade, Buddha image, typical objects ...
  14. Pátio Havana

    Armação dos Búzios - RJ, Brasil
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  15. Cigalon Restaurante

    Galeria do Pier - Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas - Centro, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  16. Restaurante Bananaland

    R. Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 50 - Loteamento Triângulo de Búzios, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  17. Estância Don Juan

    Rua das Pedras, 178 - Centro, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  18. Restaurante Da Vinci

    Av. Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 1144 - Loteamento Triângulo de Búzios, RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  19. Restaurante Salt

  20. Bar do Zé

    Avenida José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 382 - Centro, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  21. Buzin

    Rua Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 273 - Centro, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  22. Centro de convenções Atlântico Búzios

    Estrada da usina, 294
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    Largest center of Buzios conventions for up to 1500 people.
  23. Privilège

    Rua José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 550 - Centro, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  24. Zapata

    Orla Bardot, 352, Buzios
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    Mixed pub, nightclub and bar, Zapata Mexican Bar in Buzios attracting enough young people and out of season follows in operation. If you like Latin rhythms, Thursdays are the days when you should look for the place. Mexican food well prepared and excellent drinks are the tip of the regulars, who recommend the place for fun and jinx. It is the choice of the majority of foreign tourists visiting the city, the diversity of rhythms that offers the musical repertoire. Frequented by those who want to dance too! Opening hours: from midnight.
  25. Pacha Búzios

  26. Gran Cine Bardot

    Travessa dos Pescadores, 88
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    Buzios traditional movie theater. Hosts the annual Buzios film festival.
  27. Carmen Steffens Buzios

    Rua das Pedras - Av. Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas - Centro, Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  28. Wollner - Búzios

    rua Pedras 233 - LJA, RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  29. Osklen Artigos Esportivos

    R. da Praia, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  30. Cantão - Búzios

    r das Pedras 116 - Loja 21, RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  31. Redley - Búzios

    Av. Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 72, Armação dos Búzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brasil
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  32. Smart Fit

    Rua das Pedras, 73
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    WORKING HOURS Mon-Fri 6 am to 23h Saturday 9h to 21h Sunday 9h to 15h