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Check list before you travel

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• Check in the hotel's website, check-in times, check-out, breakfast, etc.
• Check validity of Passports.
• Provide travel authorization for unaccompanied minors under 18 years of age.
• Airfare.
• Transfer in and transfer out voucher.
• Hotel voucher.
• Car rental voucher.
• Identification of luggage, padlocks and carry-on luggage.
• International Health Insurance Card: read the policy and check the contact and emergency telephone numbers.
• Credit card, travel checks, currency of the country: remember to take money exchanged.
• Clothes suitable for the beach.
• Bring a light coat if you come in the winter.
• Personal remedies: Ride a pharmacist with first-aid medications and what you are accustomed to taking. Remember that restricted medicines must be accompanied by a prescription.
• When leaving the house, close the Water registers and if possible, turn off the power.

We wish you a good trip!