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We offer two swimming pools (adult and child), steam room and a Small heated pool to relax after the sauna.

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  • Pousada Águas Claras - Búzios - Brasil
  • Pousada Águas Claras - Búzios - Brasil
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We use Salt water chlorination. What's this?

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In the process of salinization, the process of water treatment is done exclusively with coarse salt. He even used to flavor the BBQ Weekend - Sodium chloride. This process rids the pool of contaminants in industrial chlorine and caustic soda, lime. Salinity also removes metals such as iron, manganese, copper and calcium. This process eliminates problems of skin irritation and inflammation of the eyes and respiratory tract at public pools treated conventionally. Allergic people suffering from rhinitis or asthma are particularly benefited by this process. By the action of electrolysis cells, the level of circulating chlorine remains constant. This fact promotes the effective destruction of substances and micro-organisms harmful to health as bodily fluids, bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.

What is the taste of water?

The water is slightly salty. Almost equal to the taste of human tears.

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